Frequently asked questions

When will my order be delivered?

Arrangements are delivered as close to your requested time. Please add a 2 hour window to the delivery time due to traffic around Los Angeles.

What happens if my order wasn't delivered?

If we weren't able to deliver your order because we needed a code to enter the house/apartment, location was closed, recipient wasn't available, etc., we will return the flowers back to our shop. You will be charged another delivery fee to deliver the flowers the next day. We can also hold the flowers at our shop if it's more convinient for the recipient.

Can you make other florals not on your site?

Of course my horse! If you have any special request feel free to call, email, or dm us (@rosasflowers) with your inspo and we will make it happen.

Will my florals look exactly like your product photos?

We will try our best to make your arrangement look as identical to the photos on our site. Please note that we use seasonal blooms and we get flowers daily. The size and stlyle will look the same, but we might change a specific flower due to out of season florals. For specific style and design you have in mind feel free to email us and we will be glad to create something special just for you.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to hospitals, houses, apartments, businesess, schools, and anywhere possible. To make things a lot easier for the recipient and us, please be as detailed as possible when placing a delivery. We recommend: 1) Making sure the recipient will be at the location during delivery hours 2) If its an apartment, what is the code to get inside? Will the recipient come outside of the apartment to receive the flowers if you can't provide a code? 3) Is there a gate to get into the house? 4) We love dogs, but don't like getting bit by one. Can we go passed the gate and leave the flowers on the door step? 5) If it's a business, what are the business hours and the shift of the recipient? 6) If it's a school, what office or room does the recipient work in? 7) What's the room number if it's going to a hospital?

Do you do corporate events?

Yes. We are more than glad to cater to your corporate event. We also provide weekly services.